Monday, November 8, 2010

Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit

How it Works
you get a rechargeable battery pack and a USB recharge cable in the kit and when you first get it you have to charge it for a good 5-6 first it will lose its charge pretty quickly,but the more you use it and the more you charge it you will eventually get up into the 10-15 hours of use per charge.

Bottom Line 
basically, if you plan on using your Xbox 360 a lot the play and charge kit is a must have accessory. the wireless controller eats batteries and in the long run you are much better off with a rechargeable battery set up. it is easy to use and charges fairly quickly and you can use your PC rather than your Xbox 360 to recharge which is a great feature in my book. the lay and charge kit (which includes the USB cable and battery pack) is €15 and extra battery packs are about €10. it is pretty cheap and does its job well so the play and charge kit is highly recommended.

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