Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Connect an Xbox 360 to Xbox Live

1: Get connected to the internet. you'll have to choose an internet service provider (ISP). Choose an ISP that's reliable and provides high-speed internet access.

2: Purchase a direct modem connection. This is the best way to connect to Xbox Live.

3: get a router Connection if you have a stand-alone modem from your ISP. the router will let you share your internet connection between your Xbox and your computer. 

4: use a gateway connection to connect to Xbox Live if you have a gateway, which is a combination of a router and a modem. your ISP may provide a gateway and can help you with the gateway connection if you need help.

5: choose a windows ICS connection if you're using a modem thats inside your computer.

6: get a Microsoft passport network account. you have one if you have a Hotmail, MSN or account. if you don't have one yet, you can get one from your Xbox dashboard.

7: select Xbox Live banner" with no disc in your Xbox 360. then select" join Xbox Live." follow the prompted steps such as entering an e-mail-address and gamer zone to start playing Xbox Live.

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