Monday, November 8, 2010

Xbox 360 Maintinance Secrets

Clearing your update cache:, This clears out the cache of dashboard,system,and other updates in case something glitched and you cant update. Go to the system blade, then select "memory." From that screen, select your hard drive then hit "y" to get to "device Options." From there, use the controller to enter: X,X,LB,RB,X,X, you'll get a message asking if you want to perform maintenance on the device - select yes This will clear all updates from the device. 
Keeping Your Cool on the Flow One  major issue is the overheating problem that 80% of all Xbox 360's will indefinitely happen and the number 1 reason for overheating is lack of air flow. If you quickly take the cover off your Xbox 360, you'll see on the inside of it, a circular shaped fan, that fan turns consistently when the machine is on (make sure if you take your Xbox cover off, to unplug it first), Keeping the motherboard cool at all times, now the setback or cause of overheating which we all know ends up leading to the 3 flashing red lights, is because the console, is not taking in the right quantity of air. so the rule of thumb is to always make sure, your Xbox never lays flat on the ground standing straight up and to also never put it in an air tight space or anywhere it's not going to get the proper amount of air it need to breath.
The other overheating issue is the AC Power Supply block, which also has fans located on the inside of it,so just like the Xbox 360 its self, it's also recommended that you keep the power supply bar located in a place where it can breath and get the right amount of air to keep it cool.
Microsoft publicly announced recently the Xbox 360 power cord (supply block) is sending to much power to the Xbox its self causing overheating problems whether this is true or not i wouldn't panic too much about it' just as long as you place your console and power supply somewhere it can breathe properly  

Ever since the Xbox started having problems Microsoft repaired broken Xbox 360's under the 90 day warranty for zero cost and charged 90 to 120 euro to repair out of warranty Xbox 360's July 2007 Microsoft extended the warranty on all Xbox 360's with common hardware problems to the new 3 year warranty plan. 
Tips to keep your Xbox in tip top condition
1 :Routinely clean the breathing holes on the outside of your Xbox.
2: Place the power supply cord in a location where it can breathe correctly.
3: don't leave your Xbox 360 on 24 hrs a day .
4: if your covered under your warranty.LET MICROSOFT FIX IT.

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